Merits of harvesting rainwater using tanks

30 December 2015
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Storage tanks are the simplest method for rain water harvesting. It basically involves putting to use that water from roof tops that would either be evaporated or soaked by the ground. Roofs in our homes therefore become the best catchment areas that feed into rainwater tranks. It is a technique of collecting, filtering, storing and use of rainwater for different purposes among them irrigation. Below are merits of rainwater harvesting.   Read More 

Advantages Of Hydroponics Over Other Farming Methods

21 August 2015
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Traditional farming requires that a ground be prepared, and then plants or seeds be planted, watered, given fertilizer and maintained throughout the growth period. However, with hydroponics, this process is made much simpler thanks to technological innovations. Plants are grown in containers and are fed with a mixture of water and mineral nutrition. If you're thinking of trying out hydroponic farming, you stand to gain numerous advantages from this technique: Read More 

3 Factors to Consider Before You Buy Your First Used or New Tractor

1 June 2015
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A tractor is a must-have for any farm, even a small family-run business, and can also make taking care of very large properties much easier. They can be used for more than planting and harvesting, but can also drag a mower behind them or be used to haul bags of supplies from one end of the property to another. When shopping at Massey Ferguson tractor sales, you may get overwhelmed with the features and options that are offered. Read More 

Is Your Dog Itching To Tell You Something? It Could Be About His Food

25 March 2015
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Do you think it's a stray flee, an unsuitable shampoo, or some other external irritant that's causing your dog to scratch? Have you considered that he may be suffering an allergic reaction to the food you're serving him for dinner every night?  Assuming your dog has no existing health issues apart from his itch--and that he is neither a developing puppy or an aged dog--check out the points below for a quick  'meal makeover' for your dog. Read More