Accessories You Should Consider For Your Rainwater Tank

14 March 2016
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Homeowners looking to make their households more water efficient tend to invest in rainwater tanks. However, just buying and installing a tank is not sufficient to ensure that the water you are using around your residence is not compromised. There are a range of accessories that you should also consider to ensure that the rain water you are collecting stays on good condition. Here are some of the accessories that you should consider for your rainwater tank.

Leaf strainer for your rainwater tank

One of the most important accessories that you could get for your rainwater tank is a leaf strainer. This device is installed right at the inlet that allows rainwater to flow into the tank. The leaf strainer, as the name suggests, works toward inhibiting access of leaves, twigs and other forms of debris into the water collected by the tank. Another accessory that goes hand in hand with the leaf strainer is an overflowing screen. This protects the rainwater tank's overflow from having frogs, mosquitoes and other insects from climbing up the pipe and getting access into your tank. When your rainwater tank begins to overflow, you can redirect the excess rainwater into a different water tank or have it redirected down drainpipes away from the tank.

Fire plugs for your rainwater tank

Fireplugs would be a good accessory for homeowners living in locations that are prone to bush fires. In the event that your household is at risk of an inferno, the fire plugs work toward blocking the tank's downpipes. This results in your home's gutters filling with water, hence reducing the risk of the structure going up in flames.

Ultra violet lights for your rainwater tank

If the main use for your rainwater collection were for cooking and other household chores, it would be prudent to ensure that you are not using contaminated water. Ultra violet lights are a great option if you are looking to sterilize the rainwater collected, without having to resort to chemically treating it. Some of the contaminants that ultra violet lights can eliminate include mould, bacteria, parasitic cysts, viruses and yeasts breeding in the water.

Water diverters for your rainwater tank

When it starts raining, the initial flow of water that comes down your roof as well as gutters tends to be dirty. This is because it washes away the dirt, leaves, twigs and other forms of grime that have steadily accumulated on these surfaces. To prevent this initial water flow from making its way into your water tank, it would be best to invest in water diverters. These devices work toward redirecting the initial flow of water away from the tank, thus ensuring only clean, quality water is collected.

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