Is It Time to Upgrade Your Lawnmower?

12 July 2016
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Many homeowners can get by with a basic lawnmower, either electric or gas-powered, that offers limited strength and a moderate cutting width. However, there may be times when it's good to think about upgrading your lawnmower; this means not just replacing it with a similar model but choosing something stronger with features that make lawn care easier on you overall. Note a few signs that you may be overworking your current lawnmower, that it's simply not the best choice for your property, or that it's time for an upgrade.

Your lawn has changed

If your property's soil has changed, you may notice that the lawn has changed as well. Your grass may not be as soft if your property's soil is drier than it was previously, or the lawn may grow much faster and thicker if you are getting more moisture to your property. These changes can happen naturally as your property's slope causes it to retain or lose moisture or as weather conditions change in your area. In either case, you may need something stronger and tougher to cut through thick grass that isn't as soft or that grows thicker and denser. If you notice that your current lawnmower seems to lag or get bogged down when you cut the grass, this is often a sign that the grass itself is too thick or rough for the blades or engine, and you need to upgrade to something stronger and more rugged.

You're taking too much time to cut the lawn

More and more commercial-quality lawnmowers are being made affordable for homeowners, as are riding lawnmowers and other models with larger cutting decks and even two sets of blades. With so many options available that are readily affordable, there's no reason to spend your entire Saturday afternoon cutting the lawn. Look into a riding mower or lawn tractor that can give you twice the cutting width, and note if a mulching mower might also be an option. This cuts grass into tiny bits that are deposited back onto the lawn, so you don't need to take time to empty the bag repeatedly as you cut the lawn.

You're maintaining the lawnmower more than once per year

Every lawnmower should go through a maintenance checklist every year, including sharpening the blades and changing gas-powered engine oil. However, if you need to replace the blades or the connectors repeatedly, find that the bagger chute gets consistently clogged, or that the engine seems to be consistently burning oil, these are signs that you're overworking the mower. Upgrading to a commercial-quality mower with thicker blades and a stronger engine can mean having something more durable and less work for you overall.

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